Control Engineering Philosophy

Blog post by Howard Huffman, PE Although PLCs and other control equipment have evolved over the years, the approach to developing high-quality control systems programs has not changed.   During the design phase of a project the project engineers at Huffman Engineering...

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Redundancy in Navigation for HMIs

Blog post by Mark Meelhuysen, Mechanical Engineer Most of us enjoy being able to click, type, and alt-tab our way around our computers without thinking twice. But what about Human Machine Interfaces that we use to control processes and track relevant information? It...

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It’s not broken, why fix it?

Blog post by Keith Mandachit, Senior Engineer When I first started as a controls engineer, the year was 1996.  Allen-Bradley's flagship Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) then was the PLC-5.  My colleagues and I have implemented many control systems utilizing the...

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Testing & Training Room

By:  Justin Gilg, Electrical Engineer Co-Op Student In order to meet customer needs and requirements Huffman Engineering, Inc. has its own in-house testing and training room. Within this room, there are various PLCs and electrical components which can be used to test...

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The Importance of Defining an Automation Project

By: Bernie Lyons, Shop Manager/ Senior Designer There are many components to a successfully completed automation project. One important step is determining exactly what the goal of the project is, and how success will be measured. Time spent up front defining the...

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