Huffman Engineering Inc. (HEI) has been inducted into the System Integrator Hall of Fame. They are proud to have celebrated 35 years in business, providing exceptional engineering impact throughout the Midwest and beyond. The full-service engineering firm specializing in systems integration is proud to have served the Nebraska community since 1987 and extended its reach into surrounding states including adding an office in Denver, CO.

“We are grateful to the people who stood with us in difficulty, thankful for all who have provided guidance, and so appreciate those who have trusted us with their effort and families,” said President and COO Howard Huffman. “Running a business is a marathon – not a sprint and we have followed the roads our customers asked us to walk with them and gone further than we could have imagined.”

As HEI celebrates this milestone, they are also honored to have been named CFE Media Group’s 2022 Control Systems Integrator of the Year. It is fitting as they celebrate 35 years of successful engineering to be inducted into the System Integrator Hall of Fame.

Huffman Engineering, Inc. has over three decades of experience with a proven track record of delivering large-scale system integration projects with industrial customers and municipalities as an electrical control systems integrator and electrical engineering firm with offices in Lincoln and Englewood, CO. Learn more at