The Keys to a Successful Major Wastewater Overhaul Project

Huffman Engineering is the single-sourced subcontractor responsible for designing and installing the instrumentation and controls on a section of a major, 22-year, 74-part wastewater improvement project for the City of Omaha.  Having just finished the first two phases...

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LED Lighting Retrofit

Business Need The new facilities manager of a large international gourmet food company had experience with energy savings projects. He recognized an opportunity to save his new company operational cost at its 94,000-square foot warehouse distribution center by...

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Isolation of Shared Networks

Business Need When everything is on the same network and connected to the internet a security breach is possible. One way to mitigate risk of cyberattacks is to separate internal networks from one another. A medium sized municipality chose to implement this upgrade,...

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Readability for Regulatory Requirements

Business Need Regulatory compliance issues, coupled with consumer concerns with product labeling resulted in an improved labeling system for one customer. A local life science company trusted Huffman Engineering to integrate a series of laser print systems and vision...

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