Electric Utilities

Electric utilities face growing challenges with increasing energy demand, growing regulatory and customer demands for reliability, and the need for renewable generation and energy storage.  Comprehensive forecasting, monitoring and control systems for electrical power utilities is essential in meeting these growing needs.  Huffman Engineering, Inc. has a history of understanding electrical utility needs and meeting the control and monitoring necessary for optimizing power management.  Integrating robust control systems with data acquisition and intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, boosts functionality and eliminates redundancies.  Familiarity with a variety of SCADA systems and different control platforms allows the Huffman Engineering team to engineer a comprehensive solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

Short circuit and selective coordination studies ensure safe and reliable distribution system operation. Arc flash studies and the resulting analysis help keep your staff safe and your facility in compliance with codes and regulations. For over 30 years our group has been working to automate and monitor power systems at the utilization level.  Real-time data enables remote monitoring of system operation to improve efficiency and assure rapid response and maintenance of system components.


Gas Utilities

Huffman Engineering, Inc. understands the tight controls necessary for liquefied natural gas (LNG) liquefaction, vaporization, delivery, odorant injection, metering, and monitoring. Automation systems designed and implemented by the Huffman Engineering team meet stringent process control requirements with robust data acquisition capabilities.  Safety, cost and reliability are integral to Huffman Engineering systems.  Our systems, integrating process control, safety, motor control, and data analysis, provide customers with the agile response time they require to meet dynamic operating conditions.

From plant floor metering and measuring to system-wide distribution monitoring, the Huffman Engineering team understands the need for safety and reliability.  Our scalable systems can include emergency shutdown, process safety, fire and gas, compressor control, process control, instrumentation, storage monitoring, and distribution monitoring and control.


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