Ignition SCADA software’s goal is to be more efficient, powerful, and versatile to meet each industry and customer’s needs. Huffman Engineering Inc.’s goal in a project using custom Ignition SCADA HMI objects was to provide a building materials manufacturer with powerful tools for their operators and maintenance personnel to quickly find and mitigate system malfunctions over components on multiple platforms within their facility, saving them time and effort in creating reports and troubleshooting.

With Ignition, real-time control and monitoring with the ability to create customizable data tables makes it easy to display, analyze, and respond to data that is processed through the software. Huffman Engineering integrated a food processing plant’s ammonia refrigeration equipment into a new refrigeration control system using only Ignition.  Real-time data, stored in the core database, made the application flexible to customize to meet the customer’s needs. With Ignition, customers can quickly adapt accordingly to the data and make changes as necessary in a quicker time frame.

Ignition is built with a database at its core being cross-platform compatible and current with recent IT standards. It can work with any database, device, or operating system. Huffman Engineering can help customers understand Ignition in its entirety while implementing a system that exceeds customer expectations. Ignition is secure and reliable with updated security, with less time being used to develop the software solution, and is easily expandable to fit our customer’s needs. Huffman Engineering has the knowledge and experience and ability to work with each customer to find an innovative solution to meet their automation needs.

Certification occurs through a two-step program. First by completing Inductive University to receive the Ignition credential and successfully completing the Ignition Core Certification test.  The Core Certification test is updated each time a new version of Ignition is released certifying customers that Certified Integrators are proficient in the most current technology being used.  Huffman Engineering has achieved Level 2 Certified Integrator status.

Visit Inductive Automation’s website to learn more about the Ignition Integrator program.

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