Since its inception, Huffman Engineering, Inc. has been working with Allen-Bradley/ Rockwell Automation products. From PLC 5’s and SLC 100 and 150s in the 1980’s to current state-of-the-art equipment and software, the Huffman Engineering, Inc. team has a breadth of knowledge and experience that guarantees customer success. Having been a recognized integrator since 1993 across several programs, Huffman Engineering is currently a Recognized Rockwell Systems Integrator in Control and Process, the only one in Nebraska.

 With experience across a variety of Allen-Bradley PLC’s like ControlLogix PLCs, SLC500 PLCs, MicroLogix PLCs and others, customers trust the Huffman Engineering team with critical projects and processes. The increased need for safety and reliability requires even more diligence. Our use of Allen-Bradley safety PLC’s and implementation of redundant ControlLogix PLC’s work to ensure project safety and reliability.  For a cost-effective alternative, Huffman Engineering, Inc. even has experience with Allen-Bradley’s Micro 800 controllers.

Our team has implemented S88 Batch systems across industries. In one facility alone, we implemented and maintained a series of 14 Batch Systems.  Our projects include Factory Talk View SE and Factory Talk View ME applications across Life Science, Food, and Utility industries. Projects using Historian, Transaction Manager and Energy Metrix have proved useful to our customers and given them greater control of process data.

Finally, Huffman Engineering’s networking expertise and ability to utilize to implement Ethernet/IP networks has enabled customers to expand control of vital processes.    Partnering with Rockwell Automation and the customer, Huffman Engineering is able to deliver the best product for the individual application and mitigate risks.

When Huffman Engineering, Inc. and Rockwell Automation come together, the result is a high quality, high-value system. Read more about some of our Rockwell Automation applications in these case studies:

Experience includes:

  • PLC – 3
  • PLC – 5
  • ControlLogix PLCs
  • CompactLogix Controllers
  • SLC500 PLCs
  • SLC 100 and 150s
  • MicroLogix PLCs
  • Micro 800 controllers
  • Factory Talk View SE/ME
  • Historian
  • Transaction Manager
  • Energy Metrix
  • Plant PAX
  • Stratix Ethernet Switches
  • S88 Batch Systems
  • Bulletin 1492 I/O wiring
  • RSView32
  • FactoryTalk Directory

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