Partnerships Make Us Successful

Sep 7, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Blog post by Evan Kilgore, Senior Electrical Engineer, Colorado

Successful projects are built on relationships. This fact is at the core of Huffman Engineering Inc. With the network of customers, manufacturers, distributors, and contractors, it is always important to treat interactions as partnerships. Having a teamwork mindset going into a project will help lead to the ultimate goal of a satisfied customer.

We work extensively with manufacturers to get up to date and necessary training to meet each customer’s project requirements. In working together, we understand each manufacturer’s technologies and create a reasonable solution together for the customer. We’re also thankful for the partnership that we have with our distributors. As we work side by side to find the best solution for customers, we are each able to apply specific knowledge and expertise from one project to another.

Working with our contractors to complete projects, trust and open communication can make any project go smoother and build a partnership. As we keep communication flowing with our contractors, there are fewer mishaps and customers are less likely to have to increase budgets due to costly mistakes. Applying this communication and thorough planning, jobs were done in a shorter amount of time, making everyone’s part in the project successful.

However, when it comes to our customers, long-term partnerships are what have continued to place Huffman Engineering in the role of trusted advisor. Several customers have been with us for over 20 years. We’ve been written into specification documents and contracts, and are trusted to enter many regulated facilities because of our partnerships. Recently, when a cyberattack took out computers across an international company, we quickly had the local plant up and running because we had backups of their manufacturing control systems and we have a thorough understanding of their processes. Identifying a customer’s primary business goals and understanding their processes allow us to come in and find quick solutions to needs.

This approach of focusing on partnerships has allowed Huffman Engineering, Inc. to not only continue partnerships we have had for 30 years, but grow in a new market as well. The Colorado market has been outstanding in showing a willingness to work together. We have been able to build strong relationships that will help everyone involved provide quality solutions. As Huffman Engineering, Inc. continues to value loyalty, honesty, and integrity, our partnerships will only become stronger.