Schneider Electric again affirmed the Huffman Engineering team expertise with the Schneider System Integrator Alliance Partner program in 2015. Since 2001 Huffman Engineering has been affiliated with Schneider Electric in one of their partner programs.  The relationship began in 1987 with one of our first service calls, and since that time Huffman Engineering, Inc. has been a proven partner in project execution with Schneider Electric. Completing a rigorous engineer certification program, demonstrating expertise in multiple automation applications, and approaching projects with the professionalism for which both Schneider and Huffman Engineering are recognized, Huffman Engineering, Inc. is a logical choice for customers implementing projects using Schneider Electric equipment and software.

Whether replacing legacy Modicon and Square D systems, or implementing a whole new process, we work closely with customers to deliver state-of-the-art systems that fit the application and need.  Having implemented projects from utilities like water and wastewater, to food handling and refrigeration, to industrial applications, Huffman Engineering, Inc. has a broad range of knowledge and applicable experience. In one instance, the Huffman team implemented a Schneider system for energy monitoring and control of microwaves and freezers for a local food producer. The coordinated energy usage savings resulted in a 4-month payback and increased internal efficiency.

Certified in software like Citect and Wonderware, PLC’s like Modicon and Cymax, and on Schneider instrumentation, communication, and drives, the Huffman Engineering team is able to partner with customers to deliver successful results involving Schneider products.  From Brick manufacturing involving grinding and setting with ModBus communication to one of our largest projects for a municipality wastewater project covering multiple buildings and processes utilizing SCADA, Modicon PLC’s and Citect IO, our partnership has delivered high-value, on-time solutions.

Huffman Engineering, Inc. and Schneider Electric come together to partner with customers for effective, reliable, successful results. Read more about some of our Schneider Automation applications and similar projects in these case studies:

  • Isolation of Shared Networks
  • Major Renovation Project at 125-Year-Old Water Treatment Plant

Experience Includes:

  • Modicon
  • Citect IO
  • Modbus
  • Cymax
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Wonderware Historian
  • Quantum PLCs

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