Huffman Engineering is primarily made up of degreed and licensed engineers. Our professional approach to control systems design and integration leverages education, knowledge, and experience in addressing customer concerns. Customers find value in investing in a professional team that can evaluate and study feasibility, quality, compliance and sustainability before beginning a project. A well-designed project, including specifications development, results in fewer change-orders and a better return on investment.

Engineered design, coupled with a carefully crafted and thorough project approach assures customers get the best system possible.  Applying extensive experience in controls integration, power distribution, energy analysis and safety, the Huffman Engineering team delivers a comprehensive package of engineering expertise. Experience across a broad range of industries and technologies adds to the value. Using engineered design and analysis, Huffman Engineering can work with establishing goals and guidelines for systems, minimizing training time required for system operation, explore and meet long-term automation and regulatory needs, and lower costs by designing systems up front.

Huffman Engineering works with various utilities, food, pharmaceutical and industrial facilities in many capacities. Using SKM software for electrical system modeling, the most current IEEE standards, the National Electrical Safety Code, and extensive work experience, Huffman Engineering, Inc. assures quality electrical designs


Current Engineered Studies Include:

  • Power Distribution Design
    Power distribution design starts at the electrical service entrance point and extends to individual distribution panelboards, motor control centers, and other auxiliary systems. Power distribution is designed to meet the needs of each facility’s electrical load.
  • Energy Studies
    Extensive experience with electrical, mechanical, and control systems helps us assist our clients with energy efficiency studies and audits. These services include payback analysis, system efficiency reports, and system modification recommendations.
  • Incident Energy/Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
    Arc Flash studies determine the available incident energy levels present at various points on the facility’s electrical system. We work with clients to provide proper arc flash evaluation to identify the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) selection can be made towork safely on the electrical system.Collaborating with the client, the utility company and a local electrician (as required) to collect the necessary system data required for the calculations, Huffman Engineering can assist with the following to meet code requirements:

    Image Credit: The Electricity Forum

    Image Credit: The Electricity Forum

    • Calculating cal/cm2 incident energy
    • Calculating and defining flash protection boundaries
    • Modifying overcurrent device protection schemes to minimize fault current magnitude and duration resulting in lower arc flash incident energy
  • Short Circuit Studies
    Short Circuit (Fault Current) studies are required by NEC to insure that existing and new equipment ratings are adequate to withstand the available short circuit energy available at each point in the electrical system, ensuring your system is designed properly.
  • Protective Device Coordination
    Electrical system protection and coordination studies are key components to ensuring that a facility’s electrical system is operating in a safe and reliable manner. Proper system coordination ensures that electrical faults are isolated within the electrical system such that unnecessary shutdowns can be isolated to individual sections or portions of a facility’s electrical system.

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