iStock_000002669102LargeThe foremost challenge of the food industry management was to provide safe food and protect the customer according to a 2011 Food and Beverage Magazine article. The next challenge, it asserted was to protect their brand and make their business as successful as possible.  Huffman Engineering, Inc. understands the role automated systems and data acquisition (SCADA) can play in helping the executives and staff of food handling companies reach these goals. For over  25 years, Huffman Engineering has been working with grain handlers, meat producers, food producers and refrigerated warehouses in assuring food safety and safe handling issues, rapid freezing, automated processing, packaging and tracking, and compliance with federal regulations.

Product quality and safety, and manufacturing flexibility and efficiency are key factors in the Food Industry. From packaging and palletizing to date-lot-tracking to quality control and assurance of food safety, Huffman Engineering has partnered with food and grain handling customers.  Objectives are achieved in time and within budget. Projects we have done include:

  • Ensure product safety and quality for compliance with USDA regulations and customer requirements
  • Control, monitor and record data at critical control points for compliance
  • Utilize systems for comprehensive product tracking
  • Implement safe foods and grains handling processes in accordance with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act).
  • Control of food handling systems to optimize safety and efficiency
  • Integrate systems to improve the efficiency of processes through data gathering and reporting
  • Implement industry best practices to help manage the costs
  • Dryers, blowers, and other grain handling equipment control.
  • Coordination between material handling and packaging equipment.
  • Visualize plant information and metrics on dashboards to enable better business decisions
  • Engine room control, refrigeration control, carcass handling control, slicer controls, and other aspects of meat handling.
  • Increase automation to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency

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