Network management leverages computerized systems and software to correlate control information and historical data to optimize business intelligence and control.  Huffman Engineering, Inc. draws on a vast knowledge of networking applications with the goal of giving the customer the reports and visual information they need to make improvements and to control processes. And, while connecting devices and applications across sites and gathering pertinent data is important to today’s customer, data security is equally important.

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a hot topic within this discipline. The automation engineering specialists at Huffman Engineering, Inc. have the capability and knowledge to address the correlation of the IoT, specifically the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), and controls in today’s manufacturing and utility plants. Huffman Engineering ensures that the security of every industrial automation integration solution we provide protects the customer’s system and proprietary data.

CablesOur practical experience with most major automation products and platforms allows us to integrate a range of disparate systems. Huffman Engineering will take the time to document and diagram your system, review software configurations to identify security vulnerabilities, develop reports to analyze performance, and provide recommendations to optimize your network’s security and capabilities. The Huffman Engineering team recognizes the technological and business reasons driving IT/OT (information technology/ operations technology) convergence and works with the customer’s IT department to assure smooth integration.


For analysis, Huffman Engineering, Inc. can help you:

  • Design and implementation of networks connecting devices and switches
  • Identify the right process data to collect
  • Select the right data historian for your operations
  • Design, develop and deploy data historians
  • Optimize your existing data historian
  • Integrate your data historian with other systems
  • Integrate across technologies and platforms
  • Implement solutions for manufacturing intelligence, visibility, decision support, dashboards and reporting, manufacturing intelligence and data warehouse systems, KPI management and data collection
  • Measure, improve and support continuous improvement

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