AVEVA (Wonderware®) Certified System Integrator Partners are highly-skilled professionals who deliver expert industrial automation services using market-leading AVEVA (Wonderware®) software, and have third-party verification of numerous successful projects in a wide-range of technologies.

AVEVA (Wonderware) software applications provide customers safety, reliability, speed, support, savings and accessibility. Within regulated and validated industries, InTouch applications meet the most rigorous security requirements. Standardized, pre-tested graphics allow changes to be made quickly and safely reducing errors and shortening learning curves of operators. Standardization and reusable design improve engineering efficiency, reduce training time and minimizing cost of changes in the future. Wonderware applications also support legacy versions ensuring that applications created decades ago are still usable with today’s InTouch system.  As early as 2012, Huffman Engineering was providing AVEVA (Wonderware®) InTouch accessibility to a well-pumping facility for a Nebraska Municipality.

The Huffman Engineering team has found that Wonderware® is one of the better centrally managed systems when set up correctly with a customer’s System Platform. Allowing central management and selectively deploying modifications to remote computers, building a library of base objects, and the ability to easily to propagate changes to those base objects throughout all developed applications. AVEVA (Wonderware®’s) customizable objects are more powerful and easier to develop than other comparable applications.

Huffman Engineering has completed AVEVA (Wonderware®) projects in the utilities, water/wastewater, life science, and food and beverage industries. With experience in different industries and applications, customers are delivered an application to fit their project’s needs. Familiarity and experience also guarantee customers a safe and reliable AVEVA (Wonderware®) application project for less. Since 1994, Huffman Engineering has been working with many AVEVA (Wonderware®) applications and has several employees certified in various AVEVA (Wonderware®) products: InTouch, Historian, and System Platform. Huffman Engineering is the only Certified System Integrator in Nebraska.

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