Huffman Engineering, Inc. is seeking graduating electrical, mechanical, and/or computer engineers with interest in control integration and plant automation. Teamworking skills are an important part of this project-oriented company. The engineer will be able to see his or her project progress from design and engineering recommendations to implementation and start-up. Duties will include researching and analyzing data such as customer design specifications, proposals, existing manuals, and drawings to determine the feasibility of the application. The engineer will learn to identify customer needs and design solutions to meet those needs. This position will allow the engineer to get project management and hands-on experience in projects from beginning to end. This will include work with teams of other engineers and technicians to broaden his or her knowledge base in industrial and utility applications. PLC programming and varied operator interface programming are part of the job. Helpful experience and skills: database application development, SQL Server and Oracle, PHP/ASP programming, Visual Basic programming. The candidate for this position must hold a 4-year degree in engineering.

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