Huffman Engineering Continues Water Infrastructure Renovation Work for MUD on Minne Lusa Pump Station Improvements

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

Huffman Engineering continues work with the Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) to complete renovation projects on aging infrastructure critical to providing safe drinking water to 211,623 customers. MUD is a customer-owned public utility that provides natural gas and water services to customers located in the Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding communities.  In 2016, Huffman Engineering completed a control system design and installation for the 125-year-old Florence Water Treatment Plant.

Huffman Engineering’s latest project is taking place at the Minne Lusa High Service Pump Station which is part of MUD’s Florence facility.  It is the largest of three water treatment plants in the MUD system and the only one fed by a river rather than by groundwater.  The current project is the third in a five-phase plan for renovations to the facility, which includes architectural, structural, mechanical and process improvements.

As preferred vendor and reliable resource to MUD for over two decades, Huffman Engineering has intimate knowledge of MUD’s equipment, processes and regulatory requirements.  For Phase III of the capital improvement plan, Huffman Engineering will design and install controls for a new 50 million-gallon-per-day pump, which is the typical output for the plant on a hot summer day.  The current pump was installed in the 1930’s, and much of its control system dates back to the Depression-era.

“The Minne Lusa High Service Pump Station is currently undergoing an amazing transformation. Probably most noticeable to the community is the removal of the exterior stucco and restoration of the original stonework on the façade,” said Howard Huffman, president of Huffman Engineering.  “We are proud to be an ongoing partner to MUD, and look forward to providing the very best service for our part in Phase III of the improvements.”

For more details on this phase of the project, read this local news article.